This is the Castle built for all of you skaters. We’re going to have our very own empire on the Internet. Starting with tiny nuts and bolts, we’re going to make it rock!

Inside the Castle

There are so many skate secrets you’ll find here that you won’t find in many other places. The tips that we show you are distilled from our years of hard work and mistakes. Yup, we make a lot of mistakes. That’s how we get better.

When you join our army, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge of how to choose the best products on the market. You will also know how to extend the life of your board. When the board turns slow, you will also know what to do.

Whether skateboarding is just your hobby for now or your career, this preparation is key to help you improve better day by day. We also have some awesome groups that sell skateboards for much cheaper than your local stores. If you’re interested, come join us!

Dale E. Ross, CEO

Welcome, dude! This is the skateboard nation where you can freely enjoy everything that’s available about skateboarding. If you love woodworking, there’s a place for your creative spark. You can definitely turn some pieces of wood into a super cool and functional longboard. If that sounds fun to you, you’re invited!

Austin C. Pack, Pro Skater

My love for skateboarding is big. I even got a nice little tattoo on my ankle that I drew myself. Being here with us, you’ll feel like you’ve found your very own place in the big wild digital space. It’s where you can show your style, personality, and voice.

We don’t discriminate! As a matter of fact, I was very fat before I picked up skateboarding. I didn’t feel good going to skateparks where everyone looked like they had god-like proportions. The best thing of all was I found a community that I can share my passion with and doesn’t push me away no matter what I look like. We welcome you, too!